Zach Trek is a sort of catalog of Star Trek collectibles that I own, have owned, or own or have owned jointly with my family.

I am a fan of original Star Trek, and most of my items are from this series (I liked the new movie, but it's not the original). This blog is specifically for original series collectibles, though I may occasionally feature other items in the "Randoms."

My goal is to create an interesting, informative, and entertaining source of information on collectibles from original series Star Trek. Because of the downright cosmic array of Star Trek collectibles available, and because I am limited on both funds and space (no pun intended), it’s not always practical to for me to keep every item I come across, so some items I’ll enjoy owning for a while, researching, posting here what I learn, and then passing them on to the next Star Trek fan/collector.

Also due to budget limitations, my items are often not in mint condition or original packaging. I hope to upgrade over the course of time.

This page wouldn't be complete without referring readers to another site, apieceoftheaction.net. This is a TOS Star Trek collectibles blog that I discovered after I started mine. To be brutally honest, it's way better than Zach Trek. The guy who writes it does a photo gallery and review for every item, and he gets rare items in great condition. If you even sort of like Zach Trek, visit this blog!

Unfortunately, I can't guarantee a set schedule for posting new items right now. I'll try to get a new one on every week or so, interspersed with other posts.

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