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These are videos that Zach has seen and thinks are really worth watching. There are lots of Star Trek videos out there, but these are ones that Zach thinks are the best.

Zach Trek Video #14: Shore Leave: The Music Video

Zach Trek Video #14, made by the same guy who did the Errand of Mercy gag reel (Zach Trek Video #9), features scenes from Shore Leave, with music by a guest star from another TV show:

Zach Trek Video #13: The Legend In Review

This Star Trek VI trailer will make you want to immediately go and start watching Star Trek:

I think this also serves as a gentle reminder that the rebooted Star Trek franchise will never live up to the standard of original Star Trek (especially when it comes to warp effects!).

Zach Trek Video #12: Star Trek as Mission: Impossible!

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise: Its five year mission: impossible! Here is a video made by a Star Trek fan, using the Tholian ships from The Tholian Web in place of the burning fuse that crossed the screen during the Mission: Impossible opening sequence:

Having recently added the "Tholian Web" Captain Kirk action figure, this seemed like a good video to add this week

The Mission: Impossible TV series ran from 1966 - 1973, and Leonard Nimoy had a recurring role on it.


Zach Trek Video #11: Spock Pinches, Death Grips, and Mind Melds

Zach Trek Video #10: A Tribute to Captain Kirk

Zach Trek Video #9: Gag Reel For "Errand of Mercy"

Zach Trek Video #8: British Star Trek

Zach Trek Video #7: A Tribute to Scotty

Zach Trek Video #6: Starfleet's A-Team!

Zach Trek Video #5: It's Fascinating!

Zach Trek Video #4: Mr. Spock as MacGyver

Zach Trek Video #3: Space Rage!

Zach Trek Video #2: He's A Doctor!

Zach Trek Video #1: Scott Gammans' Enterprise
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