Thursday, March 24, 2011

1997 Playmates "Tholian Web" Captain Kirk

On Tuesday (March 22), we celebrated William Shatner's 80th birthday with Zach Trek Video #10: A Tribute to Captain Kirk. Today, we continue with a new Captain Kirk action figure:

I wasn't impressed with this figure to begin with. I thought it was just a way to make a new figure that they could stick a Captain Kirk head on. However, when I decided to open this figure to take better pictures of it, I was much more impressed with it. The helmet, which appears opaque from the outside, is actually partially transparent, and the accessories were, I thought, cleverly chosen given that Captain Kirk's role in The Tholian Web didn't give them a lot of gadgets to choose from.

Captain Kirk, ready for
hazardous conditions.

The object that looks like a dagger is actually a "Tri-Ox
Compound" hypo. Although Captain Kirk didn't have
this with him in the episode, I thought it was clever to
include it. The item at top is a computer.

The phaser is identical to the phasers from other Playmates
figures, but without the extra coloring.

Here's the back of the package...

...and a close up of the details on this figure.

Coming Up Next on Zach Trek: Now that William Shatner has turned 80, Leonard Nimoy has to do it too! Stop by on Nimoy's birthday on Saturday to celebrate with a Spock video. Next Tuesday, stop by for Zach Trek Random #3, featuring Captain Kirk, then on Thursday we'll go back to Spock with a new collectible.

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