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Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott

Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise
Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott

Thoughts on Scotty:

Montgomery Scott was a brilliant engineer in the tradition of Scottish engineers. He knew the workings of the Enterprise thoroughly, and was proud of and even affectionate toward the ship. His ability to coax extra performance from this and other ships earned him the nickname "The Miracle Worker."
For relaxation, Scotty liked. . .well, reading technical journals.

Scotty was third-in-command of the Enterprise, and displayed his capability to command when Kirk and Spock were both absent from the ship.

The Scott Clan's tartan, as
published in the Vestiarium Scoticum
Scotty was portrayed by James Doohan, a Canadian actor born of Irish immigrant parents. He served Canada during World War II, participating in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. He was wounded by accidental friendly fire, and lost the middle finger of his right hand, which he concealed quite well in his acting.
Doohan studied science and engineering to educate himself for his role. He auditioned several different accents, and a Scottish accent was chosen. It was Doohan's idea that Scotty should wear a kilt as part of his dress uniform, and a Scott Clan tartan was obtained from Scotland for it.

Scotty Collectibles:

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1984 Ertl action figure

1974 Mego Ation Figure

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Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise
by Shane Johnson
Pocket Books, 1987

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