Thursday, October 7, 2010

1984 Ertl Scotty Action Figure

This week we introduce a new action figure, and the first appearance on Zach Trek of U.S.S. Enterprise Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott:

This figure was part of a series of four action figures and three model ships made by Ertl for Star Trek III.

This particular action figure is interesting to me on a two points:

First, it shows Scotty in the red Starfleet uniform used in all but the first of the original series movies. It is remarkable to me that, although this uniform was used in five Star Trek movies, almost no action figures were made using them. Even when playmates began issuing action figure series in the 1990s -- including figures for all six original Star Trek movies -- they chose to put the Enterprise crew in the awkward-looking uniforms of The Motion Picture. Action figures are available now with these uniforms, but more as specialty individual pieces, rather than parts of action figure series.

Second, Scotty almost never actually wore this uniform, having a special engineering uniform.

This line of action figures is interesting in that Ertl is by far best known for making die-cast toys, especially of farm equipment and other vehicles. Ertl has been in business since 1945. They acquired the model company AMT in 1981, and there were Ertl/AMT Star Trek models produced, but these are the only Ertl Star Trek action figures.

Next Week on Zach Trek: On Monday, check in for a "Scotty" category with "Thoughts on Scott." On Tuesday look for a Star Trek liquid containment vessel. On Thursday check in for a Star Trek monetary containment device.

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