Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Action Figures

Original Star Trek action figures were first made in 1974, and there have since been over a dozen series of figures produced by several different companies. Figures from the original series are still being produced today.
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-   Art Asylum   -
See "Diamond Select Toys"

-   Diamond Select Toys   -

- Partnered with Art Asylum -
2006 Captain Kirk in
Command Chair

-   Ertl   -

1984 "Klingon Leader"

1984 Scotty

1984 Mr. Spock

-   Hamilton/Presents   -
These figures were distributed by Presents, which is a division of Hamilton Gifts. The figures themselves are marked "Hamilton Authorized User"

1991 10.5" Uhura
-   Mego, 1974   -

These were the first Star Trek action figures ever made. There were fourteen figures produced altogether -- five crewmembers of the Enterprise and nine "aliens." They were all 8" tall. For a very complete source of information on these figures, visit megomuseum.com's Star Trek page.

Note: A reproduction series of these figures made by Diamond Select began being released in 2007. Original figures are stamped with the date on the back of the neck.

1974 Captain Kirk

1974 Mr. Spock
1974 Dr. McCoy
1974 Mr. Scott

1974 Klingon

-   Mego, 1979   -
These action figures were produced for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. There were two lines, one 3 3/4" tall, and one 12" tall.

1979 Spock, 3 3/4"

-   Playmates   -

1993 Classic Collector Figure Set

1995 Movie Series Dr. McCoy
1997 "Tholian Web"
Captain Kirk
1997 Harry Mudd
-   Presents   -
See "Hamilton/Presents"

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