Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mego Captian Kirk 1974

This week please join me in welcoming:

Captain James T. Kirk, commander of the Federation starship Enterprise!

This figure, made by Mego in 1974 was, like last week's Dr. McCoy figure, part of the first ever series of Star Trek action figures. He is complete except that the silver has peeled off his patch (Captain Kirk did not come with a tricorder).

Although Kirk knew how to relax and enjoy himself, he was, as captain of a starship, intensely devoted to his duty and extremely strong-willed. In "This Side of Paradise," when Kirk's entire crew has been infected by "nirvana" spores, he wonders in his Log what he can offer them compared to paradise. Yet, when he himself is infected, his own force of will and devotion to duty overcome the prospect of paradise. Kirk is also able to maintain self control when he is split in two or duplicated (which seems to happen to him more than most people). And although Spock was perhaps the more logical, Kirk has a special gift for reasoning oppresive computers and machines into self-destructing (again, a skill he seems to need surprisingly often).

Look Tuesday for two books useful for a Star Trek collector, and check in next Thursday for one more officer from the Enterprise.

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