Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mego Dr. McCoy 1974

I am pleased to welcome the introductory piece to Zach Trek. Please join me in welcoming:

Dr. Leonard H. McCoy!

Made by Mego, 1974, part of the first ever series of Star Trek action figures. He was missing his phaser and his tricorder when I got him, but Spock grudgingly loaned him his. The silver has peeled off his patch, but he is otherwise in good health.

Note that he was made with the correct eyebrow raised.

Why have I invited Dr. McCoy first? Well, you would expect Kirk or Spock, but McCoy was, in my opinion, an equally essential element of Kirk's command team, balancing Spock's sometimes cold logic with his sometimes fiery emotions, allowing Kirk to moderate between the two. Because Kirk and Spock are the first and second officers, I sometimes think McCoy is under-appreciated. Also, McCoy is from the south, and in "This Side of Paradise" he makes a comment that indicates he might be from Georgia, as am I (and as DeForest Kelley really was). There will be plenty of Kirk and Spock coming, so I decided to reserve this honor for the good doctor.

Next Thursday: Look for another Enterprise officer to appear.

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