Friday, August 27, 2010

Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, ship's surgeon
aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise
Thoughts on McCoy:

McCoy was, in my opinion, as essential an element of Kirk's command team as Spock, balancing Spock's sometimes cold logic with his sometimes fiery emotions, allowing Kirk to moderate between the two. Because Kirk and Spock are the first and second officers, I sometimes think McCoy is under-appreciated. Also, McCoy is from the south, and in "This Side of Paradise" he makes a comment that indicates he might be from Georgia, as am I (and as DeForest Kelley really was).

Dr. McCoy was the first character to appear on Zach Trek. There are plenty of Kirk and Spock collectibles, so I decided to reserve this honor for the good doctor.

McCoy Collectibles:
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Mego - 1974
Playmates - 1995

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