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Welcome to Zach Trek's "Links" page. The links are listed under the following categories:

  • Another (better) Star Trek collectibles blog
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Another (better) Star Trek collectibles blog:
  • This is another blog of Original Series Star Trek collectibles, and it is, honestly, way better than Zach Trek. I'm glad I didn't discover it until I'd had mine going for a little while, or else I might have just quit. I keep Zach Trek going because I enjoy it, and because there are so many Star Trek collectibles out there that there are bound to be different items on the two blogs. A Piece of the Action is a great site, and I strongly recommend you check it out.
Links of General Use and Interest:
  • - This may seem obvious, but I really have found the articles on Wikipedia to be the most useful on various Star Trek topics. The preceding link is to the English version. This link -- -- will allow you to select a different language. As always, bear in mind that anyone can edit/contribute to these articles.
  • IMDb - The Internet Movie Database - This is probably another obvious link. Look up just about any one involved with producing Star Trek (or anything else on film) here.
  • - This is basically Wikipedia for only Star Trek topics. This site can be heavy on advertisements, and zealous fans have added content to the articles to the point of information overload. Articles on Wikipedia are more concise and to-the-point, but sometimes this site is the only good source of information for certain topics.
  • database - From this page you can navigate to's database on any series or any movie, with articles on characters and subjects, episode summaries, and production information.
  • - This is the National Library of Australia's history of Star Trek fandom in Australia. Now, why don't I find anything like this on the U.S. Library of Congress' web site?

Non Star Trek Links (that Zach just likes):
  • - Zach was home schooled all the way through. Visit this site for all the answers you'll need if you are interested in home schooling
  • This is another project of mine. It's an effort to catalog as many items as possible made in the USA. There are similar sites, but most of them are incomplete because they offer only what they can sell, whereas this is an effort to simply list products and direct people to where they can buy them. There is even a Participate page where you can recommend products (and get an awesome certificate for your effort!).

Links by Subject or Category:

Action Figures

  • - Web site of the Klingon Language Institute. Yes, seriously.


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