Monday, September 6, 2010


Mr. Spock, first officer aboard the
U.S.S. Enterprise

Thoughts on Spock:

When facing crisis, Spock is just the kind of right-hand man (or Vulcan) you want. He is able to approximate in his head your odds of success to within 7,824.7 to 1, well-versed in literature, and able to build computers using stone knives and bear skins. In a fight his come-from-behind Vulcan nerve pinch is also helpful.

Kirk relied on Spock a great deal. Spock was almost always ready with any needed information, and his ability to remain objective and logical in crisis was often critically important, especially if Kirk himself was compromised. Spock was intensely loyal to Kirk, and seemed to have a sense that Kirk's human emotions sometimes gave him a perspective that justified a course of action Spock wouldn't have followed.

For all of his formal education, Spock had one area of ongoing study: human nature. This was complicated by the fact that Spock was himself half human, and his human emotions were constantly flaring up to disrupt his pure Vulcan logic.

I think that what I like most about Spock is his strong mental discipline. My favorite example of this is in “Operation -- Annihilate!”, in which he overcomes wracking pain by regarding it as an emotional response and suppressing it.

Spock Collectibles:
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Arranged chronologically in order of production:

1974 Mego 8" Figure

1979 Mego 3 3/4" Figure
1984 Ertl
-   Calendars   -

1979 Ballantine Books Calendar
(I know this isn't strictly a Spock
item, but since he's on the cover I
figured it would go with a Spock collection)

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1997 Plate - "Second In Command"
by The Hamilton Collection
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1986 Pocket Books Button

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