Thursday, March 17, 2011

1997 Star Trek Plate: "Second In Command" by The Hamilton Collection

This week's featured item is a plate, but not one you'd really want to use for your next peanut butter sandwich:

This represents, of course, four series of Star Trek, but it includes Mr. Spock, the first first officer in Star Trek, making it a legitimate original series collectible.

This plate features a gold rim and each actor's signature in gold. It doesn't say anywhere on the plate that it is "real" gold, so I assume it's not. A small sticker on the back assures us that the plate was made in Japan or Thailand, and decorated in the U.S.

Coincidentally, this week's item is produced by the same company as last week's Uhura action figure.

Each actor's signature appears in reflective gold
next to their picture.

This plate still has its original styrofoam box.

Next week on Zach Trek: Tuesday, March 22nd will be William Shatner's 80th birthday! Stop by to celebrate with a tribute video to Captain Kirk. On Thursday check in for a Captain Kirk collectible item.

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