Friday, August 12, 2011

"Stardate" 1979 Star Trek Calendar - Ballantine Books

With this item, join us for a little time travel -- back to the late 20th century:

This was produced by Ballantine Books in, well, 1978. It features a picture from an episode each month, and a "poster" in the middle. For some reason, this calendar has three pictures from Tomorrow Is Yesterday, and two from Catspaw.

This shows what the calendar's design looks like.
November features a picture from one of my all-time
favorite episodes, Return of the Archons.
This calendar is big on angled shots.
In the center of the calendar is "A magnificent new
pull-out poster suitable for framing!"
The back of the calendar enticed 1978 Star Trek fans
to want to look at this for the next year.

I may save this calendar and use it in 2018, which has all the same dates as 1979.
  • If you've got a vintage Star Trek calendar you want to put to use, you can use this calculator to find what years you can use it in. If you've got a 1984 calendar, you're in luck -- you can use it next year!
Coming soon on Zach Trek: Keep an eye out for the next Random, where we'll take a look at a place on earth related to Star Trek (not Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco). For the next collectibles, watch for a "double header" of book-related items.

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Tamara said...


I really like the way you include so many "extras" in your posts -- like info about 1984/2012 calendars and a link to a calculator to figure out when you can reuse your old calendars. Great work!!

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