Friday, August 19, 2011

Zach Trek Random #5: Vulcan, Alberta: Canada's Star Trek-Themed Town!

Welcome to Zach Trek Random #5. If you've always dreamed of living a Star Trek themed town, you're in luck because there is one:


The city of Vulcan, in Canada's province of Alberta, was already named Vulcan before Star Trek began and they decided to make Star Trek the theme of their city. The photo above shows the sculpture of the Enterprise in the city.

In addition to Star Trek sculptures and murals, Vulcan hosts the annual "Spock Days/Galaxyfest" convention.
File:Vulcan visitor centre.JPG
This is Vulcan, Alberta's "Tourism and Trek Station."

Star Trek Town: Vulcan, Alberta, Canada
The pharmacy, appropriately, displays a mural
 of the doctors of Star Trek.

Below is a promotional video about Vulcan (wait out the first minute or so to get to the most interesting part)...

...and here's a video of Leonard Nimoy's April 23, 2010 visit to Vulcan:

(it seemed to me the crowd was a little lukewarm about New Star Trek...)

Vulcan is a long way from Georgia, but I'd love to visit someday. It looks like they've got lots of great collectibles in that gift shop!
Coming soon on Zach Trek: Check back for a "double header" of book-related, not bookmarks...

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