Thursday, March 31, 2011

1984 Ertl Spock Action Figure

Saturday (March 26, 2011) was Leonard Nimoy's 80th birthday. We celebrated with Zach Trek Video #11, and today we add a Spock collectible:

This was from the line of four action figures that Ertl produced for Star Trek III, the only Star Trek action figures Ertl ever made. Each figure came with one accessory -- in Spock's case, a phaser. This figure doesn't bear the greatest likeness of Leonard Nimoy, but there have been worse Spock action figures made.

I like the figures from this line because they are some of the few that feature Star Trek crew members in the red Starfleet uniforms. Interestingly enough, Spock did not wear that uniform in Star Trek III, but this was, of course, a toy, and it therefore makes perfect sense that they included it in their line.

Ertl's rendition of Leonard Nimoy.

Spock's phaser.

The backs of all the packages
were the same.

Next Week on Zach Trek: On Tuesday, stop by and watch a video featuring Star Trek and another classic TV show. On Thursday, check in for a collectible featuring a non-TV character.

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