Thursday, December 2, 2010

1979 Mego Spock Action Figure

This week, please join me in adding a new action figure, and a new action figure line to Zach Trek:
This action figure is from the line produced by Mego in 1979 for The Motion Picture. These figures were 3 3/4" tall (perhaps modeled after the wildly popular Star Wars action figures). They are, as you can see, a little stiff at the elbows and knees, and, though I may have talked about this too much already, there was no way to make the uniforms from that movie look very comfortable, and the straight arms and legs don't help. Still, the important thing to any kid was that this was Spock, and with the application of imagination, that's all one would really need.

While most of these figures were made in Hong Kong, it appears that
Spock was made in Hong Xong (maybe that's on Vulcan).
Next week on Zach Trek: Check in for a movie not yet featured on Zach Trek, in a format not yet featured on Zach Trek.

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