Thursday, January 6, 2011

1997 Playmates Harry Mudd Action Figure

This week, please join me in welcoming the legendary Harcourt Fenton "Harry" Mudd!

This figure is the first item featured on Zach Trek in 2011, by unanimous vote of me and my immediate family in December's "Poll of the Month."
This figure was one of many produced by Playmates, but is not from any particular series of figures. The pictures of other figures on the back of the package do not show nearly all the others made by Playmates.

Harry Mudd was the ultimate self-servant. Had he been a little less affable, he might have been the Long John Silver of space -- he would ally himself with good or bad guys, as long as it was expedient for him. He had a certain cluelessness about him, though, so that his devious plots could spin out of control, forcing him to seek help -- even if it was from James T. Kirk.

Harry Mudd was the only guest character to appear in more than one episode of Star Trek. He is also sometimes mistakenly attributed to the Tribble incident, in which Cyrano Jones, a similar character, was the culprit. Mudd was portrayed by Roger C. Carmel.

    Mudd the First
They even did a pretty good job on his hair.

According to the caption, the two objects next
to the communicator are "Lithium Crystals." I
first thought they were pieces of meat to go with
Harry's goblet. I suppose they'd work either way. 
This is the back of the package...
...featuring information on Harry Mudd. Note that...
..."Harry Mudd Stands Ready to Torment
Captain James Kirk!"

Hey, wait a minute. Why isn't Harry in there?
And how did Captain Kirk get in there?

"No need to be so hostile, gentlemen. Your Captain is
perfectly safe and comfortable..."

This figure can be had on

Next week on Zach Trek: Next week, check in for a sequel of sorts to the Star Fleet Technical Manual.

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