Thursday, February 3, 2011

1984 Ertl "Klingon Leader" (Kruge) Action Figure

This week we again introduce a Klingon officer:

This is from the one and only series of Star Trek action figures made be Ertl, produced in 1984 for Star Trek III. Like his 1974 Mego counterpart, this Klingon is generically labeled as "Klingon Leader," yet is obviously supposed to be a specific character, in this case Commander Kruge, portrayed so well by Christopher Lloyd.

Lord Kruge is snuggled in his package with his pet lizard-dog.

Lord Kruge.

Commander Kruge's pet. It is unofficially known as
a "Klingon Monster Dog," although it was never
referred to as such in the movie. It is sometimes
mistaken for a Targ.

Here is another view of Kruge's pet.

The back of this package is the same as
that of all the Ertl figures.

Next week on Zach Trek: Stop by on Tuesday for a video featuring Mr. Spock making a cameo appearance in another TV series. Check in on Thursday for an interesting piece of paper.

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