Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mego Klingon Action Figure, 1974

Today we cautiously welcome an enemy of the federation: a Klingon captain.

This Klingon is in somewhat rough shape: He has lost his utility belt along with his red phaser and communicator, but most important of all, he's lost his boots. The poor guy looks like a member of the Klingon Imperial Ballet Troupe.

I find this figure a little amusing because, while the Mego figures made for the Enterprise crew members look acceptably close to the characters, this generically labeled "Klingon" is obviously based on the Klingon captain Koloth (portrayed by William Campbell) from "The Trouble With Tribbles," and looks more like the character than some of the other figures.

Here's the plot I'd like to see for the upcoming new Star Trek movie: Kirk and crew must travel back in time and bring Rocky Balboa to the future so he can contend with the Klingons' champion for the Heavyweight Champion of the Galaxy title.
Next Tuesday: Look for two posts of books that will help us understand our Klingon friend, both literally and philosophically.
Next Thursday: Look for a Star Trek movie, but not quite in the latest format.

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