Thursday, February 24, 2011

2006 Art Asylum/Diamond Select Captain Kirk in Command Chair

Please join me today in welcoming the leader of the fearless band from last week's video:

Here we have Captain James T. Kirk, ensconced in the Captain's chair of his ship.

This was put out by Diamond Select Toys, and it's a good thing I remember that, because neither the figure nor the chair are marked to indicate this. Of course, a lot of collectors might consider that to be a good thing, as it makes the whole thing more technically accurate. I received this as a gift long before I started Zach Trek, and therefore did not keep the original packaging.

The chair is electronic, and has a button you can push to hear a variety of quotes from the Captain, requesting Lt. Uhura to open a channel, a report from Mr. Scott, issuing orders to Chekov and Sulu, and calling all hands to battle stations (to name a few). The control panels on the chair light up as these quotes are playing. There is also a switch on the bottom with which one can turn it off, or put it on "try me" mode, in which case it only says, "This is Captain James Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise."

Art Asylum and Diamond Select are partner companies in the production of a wide array of Star Trek figures and toys from all series of Star Trek.

The figure has great articulation, which allows it to assume
poses like this, which I think Kirk probably assumed
at some point in an episode when the Enterprise was
unexpectedly jostled.

The chair swivels.

When the button (marked by the red arrow) is pushed,
the control panels light up. On one side the light
flashes alternately red and green.

"I'M Captain Kirr-rk. IIII'M CAPTAIN KIIIIRRRrrrkkk!"

Next week on Zach Trek: March 3 is James Doohan's birthday (he would be 91), so next week will be Scotty week, featuring a Scotty video on Tuesday, and a Scotty collectible on Thursday.

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