Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise by Shane Johnson

This week's item is a sequel of sorts to the Star Fleet Technical Manual:

"Based upon the engineering logs of Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott," Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise is a book of diagrams explaining the structure of the "refit" Constitution class vessel, as well as much of the equipment and gear used on it. Much of this information is the same as that included in the Manual, but it doesn't include all of the non-ship-related information, and it is about the "movie" version of the Enterprise. Also, as it is only about one specific ship, it's a bit more detailed. This is one reason I like it better than the recently published Haynes manual.

This book was printed in 1987. It appears that there was another printing in 1989, but there seems to have been only one edition of the book.

True Star Trek geeks should beware that some of the information in this book doesn't line up with all of the details of Trek episodes and movies, partly because some of these details are from films produced after the book was published. It is still fun to look through. 

Shane Johnson is also the author of the "Star Wars" Technical Manual, as well as several novels.

There are multiple excellent diagrams of the ship as
a whole.
Here we have the bridge -- with the Enterprise's dual
elevators, we no longer have to worry about the bridge
being offset at a weird angle.
One thing I like about this book is the profusion of
"toilets" aboard the Enterprise. It wouldn't do to get
"caught short" in the middle of a battle with the
As with the Manual, there are also illustrations of a
variety of gear and equipment.

 This book can be had on
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