Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Video of the Week #1: Scott Gammans' Enterprise

Welcome to a new feature on Zach Trek: Video of the Week!

Our first video should help remind anyone who's forgotten that the original Enterprise was as beautiful and graceful a ship as any vessel in Star Trek:

Scott Gammans is a guy who set out (before the original series was digitally remastered) to create new special effects shots for "The Doomsday Machine." He is still at it, and, as you can see, is producing work that holds its own next to the remastered effects. You can visit his blog, "Scott's Brain" at http://www.scottgammans.com/. Here, in addition to general entries, he posts videos of some of his completed work.

Check back on Thursday for a Star Trek related item that has no face value, but is not worthless.

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Anonymous said...

He really did show the beauty and grace of the Enterprise. You have to remind yourself that it wasn't real. Great post!

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