Thursday, October 14, 2010

1979 Larami Star Trek Wallet

This week's featured item is, ironically, for holding money (ironic because, after buying Star Trek stuff, you won't have anything to put in it):
This was one of many Star Trek toys made for The Motion Picture by Larami Corporation. This particular piece seems to really be just a plastic wallet with a clear cover and a Star Trek picture slipped inside, but thanks to the packaging, it's still a pretty nice piece. The back of the package is blank.
I suppose this is technically a clothing accessory, but because of the nature of Larami's products, it might also be labeled a toy.
About Larami Corporation:
Larami Corporation was a company best known in the '70s for making low-cost "rack toys" -- toys designed for checkout line type displays. In the '80s they became better known for water guns, introducing the Power Drencher, which became the Super Soaker in 1991, a line still produced by Hasbro, which acquired Larami in the '90s. The company name was retired in 2002. They made toys for many TV series and movies.
Next week on Zach Trek: On Tuesday, look for a Star Trek video, but not a show or movie. On Thursday, check in for a book that my brother and I had growing up.

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