Thursday, October 28, 2010

Castle of Frankenstein No. 14 - 1969

Happy Halloween from Zach Trek!

A note near the back of the
magazine discounting rumors
that Star Trek would not have
a fourth season...Oops!

This week's item is a 1969 Castle of Frankenstein magazine featuring Star Trek on the cover. See anything wrong with the cover photo? I'll tell you at the end of this post.

The cover announces that "Star Trek Is Back!" This actually refers to a note toward the end of the magazine announcing that rumors of Star Trek's cancellation after its third season were not true. Unfortunately, it was the rumors of its continuation that were really untrue. There is also an "article" entitled "Star Trek Debate. It consists mostly of a letter written by one of the magazine's readers. In a previous issue, the magazine printed an article calling Star Trek "the best dramatic T.V. series ever made!" This reader writes in reply a scathing put-down of Star Trek, to which the magazine offers a brief rebuttal.

So what's wrong with that cover? The image is reversed. I noticed that Captain Kirk's Starfleet badge is reversed and on the wrong side of his shirt. A really geeky Star Trek fan might also notice that the screen is on the wrong side of Mr. Spock's tricorder.
Castle of Frankenstein was a magazine devoted to sci-fi/fantasy films and TV published 1962 - 1975.

 Next week on Zach Trek: On Tuesday, look for a small book about alien life forms. On Thursday, check in for a new liquid-containment vessel.

An ineresting piece of NON-Star Trek
art on the back cover


Jim said... Facebook page about Castle Of Frankenstein magazine.

Zach said...

Thanks for the link, Jim! I've added it to the text above.

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