Monday, November 8, 2010

1991 U.S.S. Enterprise Mug

As Kahn said "It's very cold in space." This week's featured item is just the thing to help warm you up:

Just fill this mug with coffee, hot chocolate, or Earl Grey tea to ward off the cold of space.
This mug was made in 1991. Just who to credit it to is a difficult question. On the bottom, we are informed that it has artwork by Susie Morton of Planet Earth, and is distributed by Presents, which is a division of Hamilton Gifts. Since Hamilton Gifts seems to be at the top of this chain, I suppose that's the company to be credited with making it. My impression is that "Planet Earth" is not a company, but merely denotes what planet in the galaxy Susie Morton is from. Her artwork appears on a vast array of decorative plates and mugs, including many other Star Trek works, as well as subjects ranging far and wide beyond Star Trek.
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