Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Zach Trek Random #1: Ford X-2000!

This was bound to happen. I want to post something on Zach Trek not (strictly) related to collectibles. I have, therefore, created the "Zach Trek Random" category, inaugurating it with this:

This is a concept car I came across recently. It is a 1958 Ford X-2000 -- made 12 years before Star Trek went on the air...did original U.S.S. Enterprise designer Matt Jeffries work for Ford before he went into the television industry?

1958 Ford X-2000

Now, I suppose you could technically call this a Star Trek collectible, but if you've got one, you may have taken your Star Trek collecting obsession a little too far.

flame on
Ahead mph factor 30!

Check back on Thursday for a special Christmas edition of Zach Trek.

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