Thursday, January 20, 2011

1985 Star Trek Mardi Gras "Doubloon" Coin/Token

"Doubloons" are one of many items thrown from floats during the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. There are many "krewes" (this is a Mardi Gras "crew," and is pronounced the same way) that arrange the floats, and each one has its own doubloon, with its krewe symbol on one side and an image representing the theme of the year's parade on the other. From what I have read, these coins are usually aluminum, as this one is, and they are produced in a variety of colors.

I like this doubloon for a couple of reasons: Aside from it's Star Trek aspect, 1985 is the year I was born, and I ride horses, so it's appropriate that it was from the "Pegasus" Krewe.

From the Krewe of Pegasus.

Here is the doubloon next to a U. S. quarter
for comparison.

The doubloon, like the quarter, is "reeded"
on the edge.

  • Zach Trivia: "Reeding" (in coins) refers to the ridges on the edges of coins. This practice was first used in ancient Rome to prevent unscrupulous people (mainly in the government) from shaving or "clipping" the edges off of precious metal coins to make more coins.
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