Thursday, February 10, 2011

Robert Hooks (Admiral Morrow from Star Trek III) Autograph

This week's item is an interesting autograph from a Star Trek guest star:

I say "interesting" for a couple of reasons: The autograph is actually dated 1971, which is, of course, thirteen years before Robert Hooks portrayed Admiral Morrow in The Search For Spock. He added "NYPD" to his signature, because (I assume) "Frank", to whom he addressed the autograph, must have been a fan of that show. NYPD ran for two seasons, from 1967-1969 -- the same years as the last two seasons of Star Trek. Robert Hooks played Detective Jeff Ward, one of the three main characters, and was (according to Wikipedia) "the first African American lead on a television drama" (Nichelle Nichols beat him to science fiction!).

    Based on the handwriting at the bottom, I'd think
    a kid recieved this autograph, but years of working
    with the public have taught me not to judge a
    person's age by their handwriting.
    Robert Hooks as Admiral Morrow.
 Next Week on Zach Trek: Check back on Tuesday for a video featuring Mr. Spock's favorite word. On Thursday check in for a Star Trek vessel, but not a starship.

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