Thursday, May 19, 2011

Star Trek "Alien Bean": Vulcan Beanbag

As promised, this week's featured item is a bean -- an alien bean!

This bean was made by Idea Factory in 1998. It was one of six beings, and only 50,000 of each were made. The other beans were an Andorian, a Ferengi, a Gorn, a Mugato, and a Targ.

The symbols on the robe match some of those from Spock's burial robe.

He'd probably resent us saying it, but he's kind of cute.

This plump little Vulcan has no undershirt.

He might have a little trouble doing the Vulcan salute.

The tag gives us a little information on Vulcans.

Next Week on Zach Trek: Next week, join us for Zach Trek's 50th collectible, an item that has actually already been seen on Zach Trek.

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