Thursday, June 30, 2011

1997 Ata Boy Star Trek Magnet Playset

As promised, this week's featured item is attractive -- literally:

This is a "Mix 'N' Match Adventure Playset," featuring two backgrounds, five characters and a variety of accessories for them to "hold."

Ata Boy is still in business, and still has some Star Trek items available, although they sell mainly wholesale to dealers.

    The playset was shrink wrapped in plastic. The front
    is just a sheet of paper. Flipping it over, we see our
    cast and props. Hmm. I don't remember seeing Shatner,
    Nimoy or DeKelley striking quite these poses in the
    ...and I don't remember Shatner wearing rings as Captain
    Kirk. Any chance that these are only Shatner, Nimoy
    and DeKelley from the neck up?
    I thought it was interesting how they prevented cutting
    errors from causing white edges by extending the colors
    around all the edges.
    One of our backdrops is the bridge of the Enterprise,
    with some extra characters already in place.
    Our other backdrop is an "alien" landscape. Since the
    Gorn is included, I assume this is supposed to be from
    Arena, but without re-watching the episode, I can't be
    sure if it is really from the episode.
    Mr. Spock, taking lessons from a small, green, pointy-eared
    alien, has learned to levitate objects.
    Here, Dr. McCoy displays an early and unsuccessful
    prototype of the insignia badge communicator.
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