Thursday, June 16, 2011

November 1967 Star Trek TV Guide

This week's featured item is one of the very earliest Star Trek collectibles:

One nice thing about collecting something that has only been around since 1966 is that it is not too difficult or expensive to find one of the "earliest" items related to it.

The only thing that disappointed me about this magazine is that it was from Thanksgiving week of 1967, during which Star Trek was not aired, so you won't find it in this magazine's listings.

The article is titled "'Star Trek' Wins the Ricky Schwartz Award." Not familiar with that award? The very end of the article explains:

"...a 12-year-old boy named Ricky Schwartz was so annoyed that the program did not receive a TV Academy Award he saved his money and bought an impressive 2-foot-high trophy which he had inscribed, 'To Gene Roddenberry and the Star Trek cast.' According to Roddenberry, 'That Ricky Schwartz Award means more to me than the Emmy would have.' He says it as if he means it, too."

This cartoon appears at the end of the article, which I liked
because I ride horses, as does William Shatner.

This ad appears on the page following the article, promising,
 "It's not a little portable you can carry aroung the
 house. It's big screen color tv for $299.95." That was "big
screen" in the '60s.

Here is another ad from the magazine, attempting to
 win over customers who are "still nervous" about color TV.

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vfxmaster said...

That 12 year old boy in the 60's Ricky Schwartz died recently in April 2010. He was a movie paraphernalia collector and makeup artist and knew many people in the film industry.

Zach said...

Thanks you for sharing this. I searched for more information on him, but about all I could find was this blog post by a friend of his, including a picture of him from 1978:

vfxmaster said...

I appreciate you posting this TV Guide article. I remember reading it when I was about the same age and then years later I met and knew Ricky. He knew a lot of people in the film biz and introduced me to such figures as John Chambers on his last day at Fox closing up his makeup shop. Chambers did many great makeups but got a special Academy Award for PLANET OF THE APES makeup in the 60's. I have other pics of Rick too but he largely was a hidden and more shadowy guy in the industry. He never had the break out makeup fame of many of his other contemporaries.

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