Thursday, June 2, 2011

Whitman Comic Book: Star Trek No. 53 - July 1978

This week, we finally add an example from the vast array of Star Trek comic books to Zach Trek:

This comic book was published in 1978 by Western Publishing Company, Inc. This series ran for 62 issues from 1967 - 1979. According to information from the links below, these comics were originally published only under the Gold Key label, and later using Gold Key for news stand issues, and Whitman for those sold in retail stores.

The artwork is not too bad, except that William Shatner is
apparently hard to draw.

I'm not quite sure what to think of the transporter effects.

Amongst the ads in this comic book there is, appropriately
enough, an ad for Star Trek collectibles, as well as an
offer to join the official fan club for "Star Trek II" --
as this was years before The Wrath of Khan, I assume
this is for the planned second television series.

Next Week on Zach Trek: Stop by next Thursday for a music-related, yet inaudible Star Trek item.

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