Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Zach Trek Random #8: RIP Robin Williams

As un-active as I've been here for a while, I felt the need to say something about the passing of Robin Williams. It is very sad to see someone who brought joy and laughter to so many and outwardly appeared to be so vibrant, happy, and full of life go out this way. By all accounts that I've read, he was as kind and funny off the screen as on.

Thanks to TrekMovie.com for this article detailing Star Trek actors' comments on Williams' death, and giving us some history of his connections to and interest in Star Trek, including this video of a William Shatner (or is it Captain Kirk?) cameo in his TV show Mork and Mindy:

[Edit: Unfortunately the video is no longer up. It was a short clip of a couple of minutes in which Shatner made a cameo on Mork and Mindy, brought in by way of a transporter accident. Here at least is a still photo from the scene.]

I have not given up on this blog, by the way! I still have lots of items to add, including a couple of slightly unusual items that I'm pleased to have. Right now, I have been busy with a variety of other things, but I have every intention of adding to this blog in the future.

RIP, Mr. Williams. As Leonard Nimoy said, "May his memory LLAP."

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